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Playing a professional match at Dollar on Saturday 25th June 1910 were (front left to right) Sandy Herd (Open Winner 1902, Runner-up 1910 & 1920), Ted Ray (Open winner 1912, Runner-up 1925, US Open Winner 1920, Ryder Cup Captain 1926 & 1927), Tom Ball (Open Runner-up 1908 & 1909), George Duncan (Open winner 1920, Ryder Cup 1927, 1929 Captain & 1931).

From the Scotsman June 1910
Ideal weather favoured the visit of Sandy Herd, George Duncan, Tom Ball and Ted Ray. The course was in fine order. In the forenoon Herd and Duncan played against Ball and Ray in a fourball match, a keen and interesting game taking place. Both the Scotsmen opened with a 3 and at the fifth (today's 7th) they were three up. The Englishmen won the next (8th), Ray getting a very fine 3. At the ninth (11th) Ball holed out in three from a mashie shot, and after a perfect approach at the tenth (12th) he holed out in three and brought the game square. The Scotsmen won the twelfth (14th) and thirteenth (5th), both Ray and Ball driving out of bounds from the latter tee. Ray had a perfect three at the sixteenth (16th), and Ball repeating this performance on the last green, the match finished square. Approximate scores:- Herd 70; Duncan 72; Ray 73; Ball 73.
In the afternoon a medal round was played. Herd and Ray led off, the former over-driving the green and taking 4, while Ray, getting down a 10-yard putt, secured a 3. At the fifth (7th), Herd almost had a 2, while Ray, who was putting well, unaccountably missed a very simple putt at the ninth (11th). Ray had the best of matters on the howeward journey, driving a long ball, getting down some fine long putts, although he was at times weak in approaching. Duncan opened with a 4 as against his 3 in the morning, while Ball took 5. Ball, however, settled down to steady play, and after four 4's in succession got two 3's and two 4's. The scores at the turn standing - Ball 35; Duncan 40. Going to the eleventh (13th), Duncan drove to within three yards of the pin with his cleek, and holed out in 2. Ball getting the next in 2 to Duncan's 4. Ball was unfortunate going to the last, and took 6. Details:-
Ball - Out: 544443366 - 36.   In: 532544446 - 37 = 72
Ray - Out: 354553455 - 39.   In: 434443445 - 35 = 74
Herd - Out: 444434454 - 36.   In: 534544455 - 39 = 75
Duncan - Out: 455455444 - 40.   In: 424544444 - 35 = 75
Ball has thus broken the previous record for the course, which was created by J.B. Wyles, 74.

George Duncan (left foreground) & Ted Ray putting.
Tom Ball (?) putting on the then 12th green - is it now the 11th?
Probably Sandy Herd somewhere near the current 12th tee?
Looks like Ted Ray putting on the 16th?
Tom Ball driving - where is it, somewhere near the 3rd tee?
George Duncan on the same tee - is it in the area of the current third maybe?
Sandy Herd putting on what was the 17th green - is it now the 18th tee?
Ted Ray approaching the then 2nd - is it in the area of the now 2nd green?
On the 1st tee - Sandy Herd (?)

The club is grateful to Alastair Macfarlane of Letham for the above photographs retrieved from an album compiled by his father and found in a dusty old suitcase whilst in process of moving house.

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© Copyright: Dollar Golf Club