Dollar Golf Club

November 2017 ~ October 2018

Following the initiative of the Ladies Section during the past year Dollar Golf Club was selected as a worthy cause by the Co-op Local Commuity Fund allowing members of the Co-op to donate 1% of purchases to the club where selected own brand Co-op products and services are paid for.

On the 24th November representatives of the Club, Janette McMillan, Elan Borrowman and Scott Maxwell were welcomed to the Dollar Co-op where, pictured below, they were presented with a cheque by the Manager, Alan Richardson together with the Area Manager George Ezady, for the amazing sum of �2,676.50 - so much more than had ever been envisaged!

Janette McMillan in accepting this invaluable contribution to club funds expressed her gratitude on behalf of all the club members and the much appreciated source of funding. She explained the course improvement project involved to which, she said, the money would go a very long way to offsetting the cost. The Co-op Local Community Fund comes from the Co-op Values and Principals and embraces their �Different, Fairer and Better� way of doing business and we are delighted, she said, to have been beneficiaries this year.

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