Dollar Ladies Golf Club
The "Dollar Banks" Centenary Day - 9th September 2006

"Dollar Banks" Centenary Day - Saturday 9th September

In 1906 The Countess of Mar & Kellie, playing with Ben Sayers, led off the ladies to inaugurate the start of golf on the "Dollar Banks" when both Ladies and Gents Clubs came together to play on the present course. To commemorate this event the present Countess attended a reception in the Clubhouse on Saturday 9th September after which she lead a team of 5 ladies & 5 gentlemen, dressed in period costume, to the first tee from where they played a better ball competition over 6 holes. The pictures below reflect a memorable day when the sun shone and members trod the "Dollar Banks" again in the dress of that day - 100 years ago.


Lady Mar & Kellie (left) with the Ladies Club President Moragh Dunning and (right) players
on the first waiting to tee off.

Left to right - Lady Mar & Kellie, Rosie Easson, Christine Malcolm and Ladies Club Captain Lesley Percy.

Left to right - Jerry Cant, Moragh Dunning & caddy (Olive O'Sullivan), Ashley Leitch and Ford Shaw.

Peter Muss (left), Robin Cumming (right) and Sheila McLellan (centre left) - sixty years a member and former
Captain of the the Ladies Club - receives her Certificate of Honorary Membership from Lady Mar & Kellie.