Dollar Golf Club
("One-to-One" by John Mills)


Stuart Morrison, Captain of Dollar Golf Club, popped in and had a chat with John Mills about himself over a pint of beer. Stuartís favourite tipple is actually malt whisky but it was a bit early in the day and his wife, Jean, was due to pick him up! Now into his second year of office Stuart is keen to promote the club as being the friendliest in the area and liked the idea of selected interviews - particularly so that we can find out a wee bit more about other members and our sponsors. He was in fact a willing guinea pig.
Stuartís handicap is 13 but he was as low as 11 a couple of years ago. ďMaybe Iíll take up running marathons againĒ, he said, as he already has seven under his belt, two in London, three in Glasgow and two in Aberdeen. Obviously a very fit man in the past Stuart was also heavily involved in coaching athletics.
He has been a member of Dollar since 1990 and has lived in the same house in Sauchie for 33 years. The couple are blessed with two daughters and five grandchildren - with another on the way. Although spare time is at a premium Stuart likes to listen to music - the Paul Jonesí Rhythm and Blues Show or Jules Holland on television. The 60ís must have been his heyday by the sounds of it!
(Pictured is Stuart in action with supportive mother-in-law and the girls in the background - at least he's not running last and it was all good training for playing the 2nd at Dollar!)

What is your favourite hole at Dollar and why?
I really like the 11th. There should be a good chance of a birdie and I like to open my shoulders and let it rip, hoping to get on in two!

What is your favourite meal?
Jean says it depends what day of the week it is but Iíd probably say an Indian. I particularly enjoyed the curry here at Brewlands on our quiz night. Thereís a great atmosphere here when the bar is full.

Are you a 'shirt in' or a 'shirt out' man?
Iíd like to think of myself as a 'shirt out' type of guy but recognise when representing Dollar officially this isnít always possible.

Describe yourself in 5 words or so.
Youíd be better asking Jean but try these. Helpful, a good listener, considerate and truthful. In fact my better half says sometimes Iím so truthful it gets me into bother.

Tell a true golfing story.
Let me think. I know, I was standing at the 2nd tee and watched the next golfer put his tee shot at the 1st into the Glen. He reloaded and this time the drive was true. The ball bounced off the bank and popped straight into the hole for a 1, although of course it was actually a 3. So I can say Iíve seen a hole in 1 at Dollar although the card said different.

Name 3 people youíd like to join you in a 4 ball and why?
Iíd choose Nelson Mandela, a hero of mine and a fascinating character. Arnold Palmer for his golfing skills and Bruce Forsyth - Iím sure he would have plenty of tales to tell and heís no bad golfer for his age either.

What is your favourite club, how long have you had it and what did you pay for it?
Thatís easy. My Cobra Driver thatís just a year old. I paid £100 for it part exchange and itís not true that I keep it under the bed for safekeeping. But Iíve no intention of getting rid of it yet.

Thanks for your time Stuart and if itís true youíre retiring soon maybe weíll see more of you on the course. Next time Iíll be speaking to one of our sponsors to keep us in the picture. If anyone wants to share a story with us just let me know.

John Mills 13 May 2008

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